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online writing jobs list

There are many opportunities right now to earn money doing freelancing writing jobs, if anything to supplement the freelance work you are doing at the moment. I know how hard it is right at this moment to get regular clients and regular income, but if you have a knack with writing, you could make some nice earnings to fill in any gaps.
The great thing about working as a writer is that you can do it at a time that suits you, so that it complements anything else you are working on. There is currently a big need for quality written content, especially on the web, and you can take advantage of that need.
A fruitful place to find writing jobs that can provide some extra (or a lot) cash is online freelance job communities.
I’ve listed 19 good places that you can use to find the jobs that work for you:
This site is a compilation of blogs, some of which post job leads.
A site geared towards job postings for bloggers.
Navigate through to the freelance writing jobs, where you will find jobs compiled from many sources in one easy to view screen.
Another site with a large listing of freelance blogging jobs.
Narrow your search on this job listing site by checking “freelance” to obtain only the listings that are freelance based.
This site includes a large listing of freelance writing job posting.
Sunoasis provides links to a large volume of freelance writing opportunities compiled from many sources.
Under “Opportunities”, narrow your search down to just freelance writing jobs. There are plenty of opportunities on this site to view.
This blog provides weekly links to several job leads. You can also view previously posted jobs and apply to those as well.
This work at home forum lists many job openings; search through the listings to find those for freelance writers.
This site also offers freelance writing job listings.
Under “Browse by Categories” select “creative”, and you will find a few writing jobs, and many freelance copywriting jobs.
Go Freelance allows you to search by category. Sselect “writing” and view listing for freelance writing.
A free site to register and find freelance work.
This is a comprehensive site that also lists freelance writing opportunities.
At, search for “freelance” and you will find a multitude of freelance writing opportunities.
Virtual Vocations lists projects available for freelance writers.
Lancepost lists a feed of new job leads, sift through to find leads for freelance writing.
Through this site, check out the heading titled “markets”. You can view their free leads and guidelines and also sign up for a newsletter.
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