Make learning fun for yourself

Learning isn't always a fun activity but that does not mean it has to always be a tedious process. There are fun and interesting ways to practice your vocabulary and spelling. Quizzes, spelling games, and finding synonyms to words. You and your friends can create your own games, be creative. Write songs, books even write scripts for a play that you want to act out.  Divide yourselves into groups, look through magazines finding certain words that you can circle to win the game. Fill in crossword puzzles, the list is endless. Remember to enjoy yourself while learning something. If you have any interesting games that you would like to share please comment on the blog.


Be an example to your peers

Reading is the gateway to a growing imagination and endless possibility.
It allows all people to escape and experience world’s beyond their own life experience and imagination.

This is why it is vital for you to read. You have to develop the love of reading and share it with your peers as you are all the children of our nation. One way of spreading the word is by being a role model of reading yourself.

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