Book Review

The Story of Barbar

Author: Jean De Brunhoff

Babar runs from a hunter who killed his mother, finally coming to a town where he makes friends with a rich benefactor. But Babar is the kind of elephant who doesn't just rest on charity; he works hard to learn people's ways and be accepted into society. Still, he must eventually return to his own kind, the elephants, who give him the highest tribute when they see the results of his hard effort.

First published in 1933, this book has become a classic beloved by generations of parents and children. Its long staying power attests to its value, and yet, in retrospect, one suspects it would not be published if it were offered to editors today. But, indeed, its simple charm lies in its innocence, its matter-of-fact presentation of all aspects of life, its value system, and its celebration of flexibility, wonder, acceptance, hard work, and happy pursuit of using one's gifts to make others happy.

The detailed primary-color chromatic art and line drawings are reminiscent of Margaret Wise Brown's classic Goodnight Moon. So many children, their children, and their children's children who have enjoyed this book and all the others by Jean de Brunhoff for so long know that not everything in life has to make sense, but that trying to behave sensibly has its rewards.


Homework for learners

Doing homework is always a bit of a pain for children, especially if there are other, more fun things to do after school, like go play with friends or watch TV, or play computer games, or read something fun

But! Learning to do your homework regularly isn’t just about being up to date for school-it’s also about learning how to manage your time, and meeting deadlines. It’s about developing a work ethic. Habits of behaviour develop in childhood, just like the way we learn to speak or walk-making sure you do your homework every day is a way you grow into a hard working adult. Doing your homework first, before you play, means you won’t have to freak out about being in trouble for not having completed your work, and that will make school more fun.
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