Starting your own book club

Starting your own book club can be fun - and challenging. Of course, the first thing you need to do is nail down all the details: the number of participants, for instance. You don't want the group to be too large or too small, so 12 is an ideal number. Then you need to decide how often you should meet, and where. Monthly meetings are the norm, giving all plenty of time to read the selected book and keep everyone involved. If time is a problem for your members, once in six weeks or two months could work.

Selecting  a meeting place could be a challenge since you probably don't want your home to be the exclusive venue. All members could take turns in hosting the meeting at their homes - or you could choose somewhere 'neutral' - the local library, recreation centre, church hall or your school.

Members themselves should organise the meeting which, ideally should last about an hour and a half. This allows 30 minutes to discuss the book, 30 minutes for refreshments and to enjoy each other's company, and 30 minutes to go over any book club business, such as selecting next month's selection.

Most importantly, members should share your love of reading and, even if all your interests are not the same, you should be able to exchange views on the same level. The real joy of a book club is the way it stirs the love of reading.

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