How to become an avid Reader

This year we explore ways to improve ourselves and make learning an easier and pleasurable experience. Let's start with making sure we all enjoy living in the world of books. Today we look at how one can become an avid reader!

People who have not gotten into the habit of reading may wish that they had established this habit early in life. It's something that can benefit them throughout their lives.
  1. Make reading an integral part of your day. During the times that you would ordinarily be watching TV or playing a video game, read a book instead. It can take some time to get into this habit, but after a few weeks it will be an ingrained habit each day. Even just a chapter a day is a good start and will quickly get you hooked in a book.
  2. Keep a diverse supply of books on hand. You may be more inclined to read if you have a wide selection of books from which to choose. These can be bought at a local or online bookstore if you have the budget for them. If not, books are also readily available in thrift stores and yard sales. And don't forget the library!

  3. Get books that cater to your interests. If you love history, buying a selection of books about crafting will probably not entice you to read more often. It is okay to buy a few books about things you want to learn about, but you also need books about things that already interest you. There are a lot of times when you won't be in the mood for learning and simply want some entertainment.
  4. Take a book with you. There are countless times when being able to read for a few minutes will make time pass more quickly. You can read while waiting in line or waiting to see a doctor or any other time when you find yourself with time to spare and little to do.

Knowledge is not on the desks

Schools resume this week for 2011 and 2010 matric results are still making headlines. we've all seen them, "The good, the bad and the ugly"

The good- Students who worked hard throughout the course of the year and achieve excellent results though they faced the same conditions, had the same extended holidays and had to deal with the same public sector strikes that other lazy students who chose to shift the blame of their poor performance on others except themselves.

The bad- Only half the students who started school 12 years ago wrote matric last year, 18 schools with a 0% pass rate. What happens in these schools? Don't waste funds unnecessarily if you go to school grounds to do absolutely nothing. 0% pass rate relays the message that not a single person in these schools cared to take some initiative, how long do students plan on pointing fingers to explain their own future.

The ugly- We are so blind to our potential that we accept the minimal requirement for a pass and throw parties to celebrate passing as if it shouldn't be  something we expect of ourselves. Should we really be excited when we pass Mathematics or Science having met the minimum requirement especially seeing as the minimum requirement to pass these subjects is 30%. Is something so wrong with us that they keep dropping the standard? If so then the solution should start with us.

It's about time we take responsibility for our future and realise its not about the resources or the fees we pay for school fees that give results, for the most part it's how much we want to have a bright future and when we wake up slowly but surely others around us will wake up. Dream bigger, worker harder to achieve more.
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