Reading is vital for our country to prosper

Since democratisation in the 1990's READ has been working alongside government to make reading a national priority. It is however, up to us as students to adopt a culture of reading. Making reading a habit and part of our recreational activities.Reading should be a pleasurable experience.

Speaking at a Chevron-sponsored library and learning centre the minister said she cannot overemphasize the importance of books and reading. Illiteracy is a national threat. There is no better time to start promoting reading and the value of books than now. Working towards a prosperous developmental  state will remain a dream if we do not commit to the creation of a better life for all people. Doing this requires young people who can read and write.

In the triangle of education, We all have a part to play, not just parents or our teachers but once they've done their bit, we need to find our motivation to read more and excel at what we are responsible for, ensuring that we pass each grade.
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